“I Caftani di Roby Zu®” is a fashion brand creating caftans for women.

Our History

Our brand, “I Caftani di Roby Zu®”, is the result of a journey with deep roots on the culture and tradition of the various world’s peoples. If we want to describe it with one single expression, that will surely be “Ethnic Chic”, in its purest sense.

Our Products

A product is the final outcome of a long creative process. It is what people desire, see, touch and buy. A product is the synthesis and what is left by creativity.

Our caftans’ characteristic is the fabric. All of our fabrics are natural. Colours and materials are combined and merged until they find their own identity in a creative and unique relationship.

The development of each of our collections is achieved through a high level of commitment, and energy cannot be saved. Prints, colours, embroidery, and everything we create is thought and merged with love and care.